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Unique for Bulgaria technology for textile arenas – with care for the horses


One of the biggest investments is in the arenas, which are with high class-ground and are one of a kind in Bulgaria.

The construction and building of the sites was made by the German company Schlotman, a leader in this kind of business, with international experience, meeting the highest standards of quality.



In the horse riding center there are:

  • Grass arena – size 90/70m
  • Textile-sand arena – size 80/40m
  • Textile-sand arena – size 70/30 ( indoor arena)
  • Textile-sand arena – size 60/20m

The ground is elastic and slip-resistant, which prevents the horses from injuries of the joints and the tendons.

The ground does not produce dust and when there are heavy rains, thanks to the special combination of different layers, the ground prevents formation of puddles and mud. When the temperatures are low, the ground keeps its elasticity and does not freeze. It does not decay and does not let any bacteria, which can infect the horses live. It's not abrasive and protectс the hoofs of the horses. 



Solarium for horses – with infrared lamps. It improves blood circulation and cell metabolism. It also improves elasticity of muscles before intensive workout, which reduces the risk of injuries. It has the effect of warm up for the players before the start. It has also relaxing effect, reduces the stress and stiffness of muscles after intensive workout. It can be used for drying horses/ponies after washing or bathing.


Horse walkers – a walker for 8 horses, with a roof and an inner circle for lounging. The horses are led into a circular path and a special construction with a shape of a sun with rays with hanging rubber bands is activated. Each rubber band delicately pushes each of the horses on the back of their thighs and this makes them move. Regular use improves the overall condition and shape of the horse. It is suitable for horses which are recovering after injury. It can be also used for a warm-up before or for relax after workout.

It stimulates production of saliva, which is added to the gastric juices.

A path for horses is about to be bought! – it is similar to the running paths in the gums.


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