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General Krum Lekarski


General Krum Lekarski was born in the town of Kyustendil on May 5, 1898. He graduated from the Mlitary School. He served as an officer in Sofia, SlivenShumen and was an active participant in the activities of the military alliance. In 1935 he was fired because of the Republican views and was interned in Devin. After his release he was included in opposition activities and participated in the coup of 9th September. After 1944, he was promoted to major general and became the First Deputy Minister of National Defense. Dr. Krum Lekarski is one of the pioneers of equestrian sport in Bulgaria and an outstanding national athlete.

He won the first place in the contest in Aachen (Germany) and the Balkan Games in 1931 and 1933. He participated in the Olympic Games in Paris (1924), Amsterdam (1928), Helsinki (1952) and Rome (1960). From 1954 till 1958 year he was a teacher in the Institute of Sports, in the period 1956-1958 he was head of the Department of equestrian sport.

Krum Lekarski is the author of books in equestrianism – Winner of Orders: "Georgi Dimitrov" (1978) and "PRB" II Senior Honorary citizen of the town Kyustendil. In the calendar of the German magazine "St. George" (1928) Krum Lekarski is described as "a man of steel and iron."

The event, which demonstrated its inherent responsibility and involvement is the Eventing Games of the IX-th Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. Unfortunately during the second day on one of the last obstacles the horse of Lekarski - Pavel slipped and fell on his rider. With a broken pelvic bone and severe hernia Lekarski was able to mount his horse and continued his participation on the next day. After the successful final, Lekarski was immediately taken to hospital for hernia surgery and fixation of the left leg.

The wife of the great athlete Krum Lekarski is Nadezhda Lekarska. When they met, she was very young, but she impressed him with her erudition and education. Krum Lekarski fell in love at first sight and decided to marry her. As a soldier, however, he had to request permission from King Boris III, who he knew. Surprisingly, the king refused and

Krum Lekarski left the army to marry Ditta. At that time there were only church marriages so she gave up Judaism and was converted to Orthodox Christian. An incredible erudite, linguist and translator, Nadezhda Lekarska is the first woman Olympic attache, who participated in five Olympic Games between 1956 and 1978. For more than twenty years she was part of various committees of the IOC: 19 years she was   member of the Olympic program; 5 years was in the management of International Olympic Academy. She is the only Bulgarian who won the highest awards of the IOC in 1977 and 1997.


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